About Us!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at its infancy but it's growing up fast, as children are known to do.  And like children, they need to be taken by hand, guided, instructed, and nurtured.

Hi, I'm William J. Evans, digital photographer, digital artist, and head dishwasher.  I've been in technology, in one way or another, most of my life.  When AI came along, it was a natural attraction.

AI has come a long way since its birth, and today, we can work with it to generate all sorts of things.  In my case, I collaborate with my AI friend to generate beautiful images to stir the imagination.

AI can't create these images alone.  I need to give my input, my thoughts on design, and explain how I see an image, in my head.  Because of this, it can sometimes take many hours and attempts before the desired image is produced.  Other times, it comes out right the first time.  The AI and I are both learning and growing.

AI isn't perfect and, just like us, makes mistakes.  Sometimes, I'll ignore the mistakes and keep them in the image because there's just something I like about it.  I like that AI is fallible and that we have something in common.  There will come a day, when that won't be the case. You'll notice that the text on signs, makes no sense.  The AI has trouble with text but that's OK.  I leave the text messed up to alleviate any possible copyright infringement. 

Most of these images are inspired by my life experiences and have a special meaning, for me.  I hope you enjoy your time here, and find something that touches your heart.

UNREAL Imagery ™ is a part of County Line CNC, which is my product design and manufacturing company.  So, if you call and someone answers, 'County Line CNC', don't worry, you've called the right place.

How The Artwork is Created

Some say that this isn't 'real' artwork because it wasn't made by human hands.  Is a carpenter not a carpenter because he uses power tools instead of manual tools?  Is a chef not a chef because he uses a gas stove instead of a wood burning stove?  The list of examples is almost infinite.

This is my paint brush.  The real artist here, is the Holy Spirit.  He guides me and gives me the vision of the image and message, to be created.  Then, through a 'conversation' that I have with the AI (which I've named Arthur, Art for short), the image is created.  Sometimes, Art can create it in one attempt.  Other times, it takes several tries.  And, other times, it can take days or weeks, before he understands exactly what is needed.  Art is only a year old and, as an infant, has a lot to learn.

Technology is forever changing, and changing our lives.  Most often for the best, and this is one of those changes.  Artwork made by the human hand will never be replaced by AI, as it has elements that just can't be duplicated or improved upon.  But, AI and human can work together to bring enjoyment and uplifting images to everyone.


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