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Catchin Flies
Catchin Flies

Catchin Flies

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Fly Fishing in the Mountains
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Catchin' Flies

I may have mentioned, in the past, that my wife and I live in the mountains of Montana.  If I didn't, well, we do.  One of the local past times is that of fishing.  Fly fishing, to be exact.  With the Yellowstone River just being a stones-throw away, fly fishing for rainbow trout is this area's version of going to the mall.  It's something that is so ingrained in the local life that no one gives it a second thought.  It's just what we do!  And for good reason.  Sure, the fish provide a tasty and nutritious meal, but more important, the time spent casting that line over and over, and over again, is therapeutic and hypnotic. A whole day can go by without notice.  Some would call it day-dreaming, but I prefer to call it catchin' flies.

Canvas is available in several sizes, with or without a floating frame.
Glass is 5" x 7" with a stand.
Metal is 8" x 8" without a stand.
Slate is 6" x 6" with a stand.

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