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Keeping The Peace
Keeping The Peace

Keeping The Peace

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Keeping The Peace
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Keeping The Peace

A rugged, weather-beaten fence line spans the Western United States, standing guard over the sprawling prairies and fields beyond. This old and timeworn structure, with its creaking posts, and sagging rails, has born witness to the ebbs and flows of time. Yet, its enduring presence is a testament to the stalwart resolve of those who built it - to keep the peace, to protect what's theirs, and to preserve the land for future generations.

Canvas is available in several sizes, with or without a floating frame.
Glass is 5" x 7" with a stand.
Metal is 8" x 8" without a stand.
Slate is 6" x 6" with a stand.
Print is 8" x 8" with frame.

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