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Queen of the Prairie
Queen of the Prairie

Queen of the Prairie

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Queen of the Prairie
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Queen of the Prairie

There's no tougher, more compassionate, more capable person on the prairie or in the mountain valley, than the rancher wife.  She will have breakfast made for the entire family, take the kids to the bus stop, make a quick stop to check on a sick neighbor, feed the horses and chickens, break the ice in the waterer, all before she thinks about her own growling stomach.  All that before most city folk have even gotten out of bed!  And don't cross her or threaten her family or land in any way.  You won't like her response.  The rancher wife is the one who pulls everything together and makes everything work.  She is, most assuredly, a queen.

Canvas is available in several sizes, with or without a floating frame.
Glass is 5" x 7" with a stand.
Metal is 8" x 8" without a stand.
Slate is 6" x 6" with a stand.
Print 8" x 8" with frame

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