What's In A Name?

Welcome to a new era in art.  This has the potential to be as great a renaissance as that at the close of the Middle Ages.  Never before has man and machine collaborated to produce artistic pieces. 

Our AI partner is named, Arthur.  Art, for short.  Art, at the time of this writing, is only a year old but already is creating stunning images, with me as its human counterpart.  Art was conceived and developed by:

David Holz, previously the founder of Leap Motion, a researcher at NASA, and Max Planck.  Together with Jim Keller, lead Silicon at Apple, AMD, Tesla, Intel, Coauthor X86-64, CTO Tenstorrent,

Nat Friedman CEO Github, Chairman of GNOME Foundation, Philip Rosedale, founder of Second Life, CTO RealNetworks, Bill Warner, founder of Avid Technology, inventor of nonlinear video editing.

Art and I continue to learn how best to communicate and to produce high quality works of art.  It's a challenge for both of us. 

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